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Two pupils who scored very different transfer test results... but both have a bright future

By Staff Reporter

For many parents, January is a stressful month spent waiting for AQE or GL results while pushing through the crowds at various school open days in the quest to find the best school for their child.

But transfer results are a singular point in a child's continual academic journey, and if the outcome is not what was expected, it by no means should be interpreted as failure.

Justin Savage and Malcolm Corry, both Year 13 students at Campbell College in Belfast, are currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry for A-Level and contemplating a future in engineering.

However, at age 11, they received two different results in the transfer test.

This time six years ago, Justin received a D grade at transfer and was not sure what the future would hold. Malcolm, at the same time, was celebrating an A grade. Both boys chose to attend Campbell College.

Fast forward to August 2014 when it came to opening GCSE results letters - this time Justin and Malcolm could share in the celebration as Justin achieved 7 A/A*'s and 4 B's and Malcolm received 11 A/A* grades.

Two different starting points but both are now looking forward to the same future.

Headmaster Robert Robinson said: "Campbell College prides itself on pushing boys of all abilities to achieve their personal best.

"We believe that each and every pupil has the right to be encouraged academically and that where a boy sits at transfer time does not have to be an indicator of where he will finish his secondary education.

"Education is a journey and pupils develop at different rates."

Campbell College's Open Days are on Friday, January 23 from 7pm and Saturday, January 24 from 10am.

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