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What the principals had to say about academic selection

Patricia Slevin, headmistress, Victoria College
Patricia Slevin, headmistress, Victoria College
Scott Naismith, principal, Methodist College

"Pupils in the greater Belfast area, and particularly in south Belfast, who wish to exercise choice in terms of the schools they will apply to are required to sit both the AQE and GL assessments.

"Victoria College Belfast maintains a position which allows pupils who have taken either assessment to apply and be considered for a place. The college continues to advocate that there should be only one form of entrance assessment to be accepted by all schools who wish to use academic selection to admit their pupils."

Patricia Slevin, headmistress, Victoria College

"There were in excess of 7,700 applications in total in the province for pupils to sit the AQE Common Entrance examination and a similar number applying to GL Assessment.

"There clearly remains support for the use of academic selection."

Stephen McConnell, principal, The Royal School, Armagh

"As with previous years, the AQE process operated very smoothly in 2014/15. AQE has developed an assessment system which is reliable and robust.

"Parents have confidence in the system and continue to show their support for academic selection with more pupils than ever entered for the 2015 AQE assessments, both in Larne Grammar and across Northern Ireland as a whole."

Jonathan Wylie, principal, Larne Grammar School

"As in previous years the procedure ran very smoothly and efficiently and the college remains committed to working towards a single assessment system."

Scott Naismith, principal, Methodist College

"We continue to be impressed by both the organisation and papers from AQE."

Elma Lutton, principal, Cambridge House School

"We find the AQE test to be a robust method of selection which has the unanimous approval of parents in favour of academic selection."

Thomas Skelton, headmaster, Dalriada School

"All ran smoothly as in previous years."

David Manning, principal, Strathearn Grammar

"AQE arrangements are very good."

Moore Dickson, headmaster, Belfast Royal Academy

"Process worked well."

Dermot Mullan, principal, Our Lady and St Patrick's in Knock

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