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World Cup project will keep pupils on the ball

By Kathryn Torney

Pupils across Northern Ireland can experience the football fever of this summer’s World Cup by signing up for the Belfast Telegraph’s latest initiative for schools.

The FIFA World Cup project is themed on the famous international football tournament which kicks off in South Africa in June.

The project will develop pupils’ literacy, geography, history and numeracy skills in a fun, topical way. The educational adventure is open to children in Key Stage 2 classes (Primary 5, 6 and 7).

Each participating pupil will receive a copy of the Belfast Telegraph every Wednesday for six weeks and there will be a page in this dedicated to newspaper activities for the project.

And for every 25 pupils registered, schools will receive a gym sack packed with sports equipment.

The full cost of the education programme is just £1.32 per pupil and the deadline for registrations is May 5. The project starts on May 12 and will run until June 16.

One of the first schools to sign up was St Mary’s Primary School in Dunsford. Principal John Magee said: “We are delighted to participate in the World Cup Project. It provides a forum for the development of literacy and numeracy skills and we can also highlight the concept of fair play and co-operation between individuals, teams and nations.”

Schools can sign up by calling 028 9026 4226 or 07919 123650, fax 028 90554571, or email jennifer.o’reilly\[Emily Lea\]”This project is a particularly useful mechanism for developing WAU (The World Around Us), and similarly, promoting thinking skills such as working with others and problem solving. In addition it will be topical, relevant and of course, good fun.”

Jennifer O’Reilly, Newspapers in Education Executive at the Belfast Telegraph, said: “I'm really looking forward to working with schools on this year's summer programme themed on the World Cup.

“There is always a great buzz around the World Cup and teachers are already commenting on how excited their pupils are about doing the project in their classes.

“The project covers aspects of literacy, geography, history and some numeracy in a fun way and follows the guidelines of the new curriculum so I hope all involved will find it both enjoyable and worthwhile.

“This is the 5th Newspapers in Education Summer Programme we have organised at the Belfast Telegraph and the reason we keep doing it is because of the positive feedback we have received not only from teachers and pupils but also from parents.

“The World Cup is a huge media event and is therefore a perfect opportunity to give pupils the chance to work on various aspects of the school curriculum themed on a topical event that everyone will be talking about.

“It's unfortunate that Northern Ireland and the Republic are not represented but many young people support or are aware of the English Premier League with players like the Chelsea forward Drogba who plays for the Ivory Coast, or Liverpool's Torres who plays for the hot favourite, Spain.

“And even if they don't know one end of a football pitch from another, the project will I hope, still fire the imagination of all pupils!”

Schools can sign up by calling 028 90264226 or 07919 123650, * Fax 028 90554571, or emailing jennifer.o’

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