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Eldelry woman stabbed in graveyard robbery

A retired doctor is recovering after she was repeatedly stabbed and robbed in daylight, while visiting a graveyard in Limerick.

Family members of the 85-year-old said she was recovering but was badly shaken after the violent attack in Limerick city.

The elderly woman suffered a number of stab wounds to the hand after she valiantly attempted to fight off two culprits, who assaulted her and stole her handbag.

The attack took place as she sat in her car outside Mount St Lawrence graveyard extension, on the southside of the city, at 5.45pm last Thursday.

The victim had just returned to her car after visiting the cemetery when the raiders struck.

"She was sitting in her car waiting for her niece who was inside the cemetery, when she was approached by a young man and woman," a family member said.

"She rolled down the window of the car and they asked for a light for a cigarette.

"Before she knew what was happening, the man tried to grab her handbag, but she would not let go," the relative said.

The former doctor bravely held onto her handbag and was stabbed repeatedly in the hand.

Her assailant produced a "knife or some kind of sharp implement" and stabbed the woman several times.

"She was covered in blood and brought to hospital, where she received stitches," said the family member. She is now recovering at home.

"It was a horrible, despicable act. You have to be some kind of animal to attack a vulnerable woman like this," the relation added.

The retired doctor is well known on the southside of Limerick city for her kindness to her patients and their families. When practising, she often refused to take money from those who she knew could not afford to pay her.

Source Irish Independent

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