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Climate issues may limit flights

The UK may have to consider restricting the number of flights people take in the future, an independent body set up to advise the government on climate change confirmed today.

Lord Turner, chairman of Parliament’s committee on |climate change, said the |Government may have to consider ways of reducing the |demand for flying as part of a series of measures that need to be taken in the future.

He also said that action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was needed across Europe.

When asked if flights may have to be constrained in the future, Lord Turner said: “In absolute terms, we may have to look at restricting the |number of flights people take.”

His comments came at a meeting of the Environmental Audit Committee on Wednesday.

“Pan-European action on aviation emissions is required,” he said. “The UK will be able to emit 30 million tonnes C02 as part of a global share.

“We therefore need to look at what is achievable in terms of reducing aviation emissions in comparison with other |sectors of the economy.”

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Former Labour minister Brian Wilson, chairman of the pro-aviation coalition FlyingMatters, said: “One always suspects with these half-baked proposals that the people who put them forward really intend them to apply to ordinary people, many of whom have only recently gained |access to air travel, rather than to themselves.

“Any political party inclined to support flight rationing should tread warily since |voters do not take kindly to limits being placed on their mobility.”

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