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Environment Minister Sammy Wilson set for heated exchanges on global warming

Environment Minister Sammy Wilson’s controversial views on global warming will be brought into the spotlight once again with the launch of an Assembly committee inquiry into climate change.

Over 40 organisations and individuals will give evidence to the Environment Committee in the coming weeks.

Wilson has maintained global warming isn’t linked to human activity and recently stopped a Whitehall advert on climate change.

Committee chairman Patsy McGlone said: “The impacts of climate change are something that affects us all.

“We want to learn from a range of people across the spectrum, from individuals to business and industry, to ensure that as a committee we are better informed to make our recommendations to the department.”

In the first oral evidence the committee will hear from the UK committee on climate change, a group advising the Government on its responsibilities and targets.

Members will also hear from the Met Office, the Sustainable Development Commission and the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action.

Representatives from business, agriculture and environmental organisations will also appear.

Mr Wilson has courted controversy with the climate change lobby for his views that the phenomenon is not man-made.

In February he sparked outrage when he banned government TV adverts warning of the effects of climate change, describing it as part of an “insidious propaganda campaign”.

The Assembly’s Environment Committee responded by passing a vote of no confidence in Mr Wilson. His views also go against his party and Executive policy.

Last month, the minister told Radio Ulster: “I don't believe it's one of the most serious problems facing the world at all.”

His comments came days after his party leader Peter Robinson had stated: “It is clear that climate change is one of the most serious problems facing the world.”

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