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Geese under loyalist paramilitaries' wing make Belfast Shankill estate home

Loyalist paramilitaries have helped a flock of geese set up home in a Belfast housing estate after putting word out that they were "not to be touched".

The BBC reports that a flock of Greylag geese turn up on Belfast's Shankill estate every year having made the long journey from Iceland.

It's thought they have been making the journey for the past decade.

However, residents thought the animals would be put off returning - that was until loyalist paramilitaries intervened.

Residents who regularly feeds the geese, said that in the beginning people joked that they would make a good Christmas dinner.

"The paramilitaries round here put a stop to that," said one local.

"They said 'leave the geese alone', so nobody touches them."

And in light of that intervention, the birds have become an integral part of the local community, drawing kids out and people to feed them.

They even hold up traffic as they cross roads in the area.

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