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Getting started on the task in hand

First, decide where you would like to clean up — perhaps a local landmark or a well known ‘grot spot’.

Make sure you get permission from the landowner for your activities. Once you have decided on the time and date for your clean-up, register at the Big Spring Clean website at .

At an early stage, decide on the arrangements to removing the waste at the end of the event - your council may agree to help by collecting waste or providing a skip. You might want to do a straightforward litter pick — or you could choose a theme or set a challenge. Think of ways to make your event as much fun as possible — some groups organise a history tour or fun activities such as building bird boxes. Choose a well-known spot where everyone can meet up.

Visit the site beforehand and carry out a full risk assessment — an examination of the risk that could harm you or your volunteers.

Your local council may be able to offer support by providing litter pickers, refuse sacks, gloves or even a skip. Take their advice on where to legally dispose of waste.

Have your equipment ready beforehand — eg litter pickers, refuse sack, gloves, wheelbarrows, rakes and shovels. Bring a first aid kit and anti-bacterial wipes.

You may need safe containers for broken glass and sharp metal as they will break through refuse sacks.

For full details of how to plan your event visit

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