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Green warriors encouraged to 'Adopt-a-Street'

Would-be green warriors in Craigavon have been urged to adopt a street – and then keep it looking spruce.

A small army of volunteers has already been picking up litter in their nearby streets for some time and Craigavon Borough Council is hoping others will catch the litter bug.

It has just launched a new Adopt-a-Street initiative aimed at supporting people who want to make a difference in their own area.

Volunteers who sign up to the scheme organised by the environmental services department will be provided with the necessary equipment such as litter-pickers, bags and gloves.

Mayor of Craigavon Mark Baxter said: "We wanted to encourage more local communities to become involved in caring for their environment. The residents of the borough want to see the streets litter free and we welcome their support with initiatives like this."

The aim of the Adopt-a-Street scheme is to build upon existing community partnerships and to encourage local communities, school groups, scouts and other young persons' organisations to become involved.

For more information regarding the Adopt-a-Street campaign or to request forms contact Pamela Hanna, community engagement officer, on 028 3831 2534.

Or email pamela. hanna@craigavon.gov.uk.

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