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Honda select Belfast Telegraph for Insight

Honda has started a £550,000 print and digital local media advertising campaign promoting social responsibility as part of the UK launch of its Honda Insight petrol-electric hybrid car this summer.

The car manufacturer has formed a partnership with volunteering website who exist to connect potential volunteers to local volunteer initiatives and to promote good causes for the campaign which aims to highlight the environmental and social benefits of the new hybrid vehicle and to encourage Belfast Telegraph readers how they can help and ‘be good’ for their local community.

Readers will be encouraged to tell their volunteer experiences on the web site

The Honda Insight embodies the latest Hybrid Technology available from Honda.

Vicky Hayward, Starcom Regional associate director, commented: “The partnership with Do-it is an extremely positive and optimistic initiative helping the wider community and ensuring that Honda is a company that society wants to exist. “Honda understands that when it comes to the environment and helping people to ‘do good in their local community’ actions speak louder than words and using local media will enable Honda to demonstrate real action and real results in improving the environment where people live.”

This is a unique local media cross-platform deal which will get Honda even closer to its customers.

Belfast Telegraph Digital Publisher Sam McIlveen said: " We delighted to be running this innovative cross platform campaign. So if you want to find out more about volunteering opportunities in your area just log on to Honda campaign"

As an added bonus Honda have pledged that for every test drive generated through Belfast Telegraph £5 will be donated a volunteering scheme in Northern Ireland.

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