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Larne Grammar pupils gather 10 bags of rubbish dumped in town by late-night revellers

By Linda Stewart

Pupils from Larne Grammar School have tackled litter strewn around the streets of the town by late night revellers.

Thirty students from the school's conservation society rolled up their sleeves and scoured the streets of Larne as part of our Big Spring Clean campaign.

They gathered more than 10 bags of litter, including confectionery wrappers, drinks containers and discarded paper as well as large numbers of fast-food containers and hundreds of plastic forks.

"Every school has a problem with litter, but it's also good to go out into the community and make a difference," teacher Jimmy Christie said.

"Larne does have its litter problems – people come up the Grammar Brae on Friday night and they jettison everything from polystyrene containers to drinks bottles to plastic forks.

"We really got into the hedges and found some rubbish that has been there for years.

"You get some grotesque things – full bottles of stuff and carrier bags full of mush. We also found hundreds of white plastic forks outside one fast food joint."

The older pupils divided into three groups who were dropped off around the town and made their way back to the school, collecting litter as they went.

Meanwhile, 16 younger pupils volunteered to stay behind after school on a Friday afternoon to give the site a thorough spring clean.

"We got into all the corners of the school and all the areas where litter has collected over the years and we did a little outside on the Grammar Brae," Mr Christie said.

"I hope it raises awareness of litter and how we've always got a responsibility to do something. If we could all pick up a bit of litter, things would be a bit more pleasant."

Previous clean-ups by the conservation society, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, have targeted the Glenarm River and the Inver River.

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