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Living Streets - Sandy Row regeneration

The third year architecture students of Queen’s University Belfast have been working on master plans for the regeneration of Sandy Row and the surrounding area; in an attempt to discover how best to address the decline of recent decades.

The objective of this master plan is to inject life back into the streets of Sandy Row. By implementing these changes we hope to reinvigorate the vibrant community of the area.

Objective One is a reconfiguration of the boundary area between Sandy Row and Great Victoria Street. Making this place more inviting to pedestrians should help populate the pedestrianised Sandy Row.

Objective Two is to adapt the residents’ housing to encourage the existence of a shared living space on the street, a place where all members of the community, young and old, can interact in a shared environment.

Objective Three is to develop an educational complex around the existing primary school. This complex would provide secondary education for the local area as well as a technical institute providing night classes for adult learning. It would also incorporate a public/private shared library and contribute to an exchange of skills between local industry and residents.

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