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Made in Sandy Row - Sandy Row regeneration

The third year architecture students of Queen’s University Belfast have been working on master plans for the regeneration of Sandy Row and the surrounding area; in an attempt to discover how best to address the decline of recent decades.

Made in Sandy Row aims to bring small businesses and industrial activities back to the street.

This will be achieved through the refurbishment of existing buildings and consolidating of the street fabric - filling in the gaps (Phase 1). The support of the street is necessary for its vitality. The introduction of secondary and further educational, as well as craft institutions and workshops, will become the backbone of the community’s development (Phase 2). Sandy Row’s rich quality of old industrial buildings will provide important community and craft centres in which civic pride can flourish. Public courts and squares will develop around the old mill building and the old brewery, behind Gilpins (Phase 3). The materiality of the pavement, through its variety in colour and texture, will bring a unique and distinctive character to Sandy Row Street. The issue of housing, in size and quantity, is addressed by a proposed development in similar scale, typology and density to the existing housing. These houses will accommodate larger families to maintain a stable family nucleus in Sandy Row (Phase 4).

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