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Michelin star food has disappointed me, admits Gregg


Expectations: Gregg Wallace

Expectations: Gregg Wallace


Expectations: Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace (55) has said that while he has never been disappointed by McDonalds or KFC, he has by Michelin star food.

The MasterChef star said his expectation of food changed depending on the environment.

He said: “All I would say to people - this happened yesterday at the rugby when I had a burger, people going: ‘Oh, you’re having a burger, how’s that, that’s not MasterChef standards’.

“It happens all the time. And I explain to people, if I’ve got the time, your expectation goes up and down depending on where you are. So I have never, ever been disappointed in McDonalds or KFC.

“Regularly I am disappointed by Michelin star food.”

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