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Minister Alex Attwood's chilling weather forecast

Alex Attwood

Environment Minister Alex Attwood has warned that Northern Ireland is already experiencing symptoms of climate change, such as increased flash flooding.

And he insists that combating climate change is the collective responsibility of all ministers in the Executive.

Responding to an Assembly written question from Sam Gardiner, he said the latest projections suggest that Northern Ireland will undergo an increase in winter and summer mean temperatures of around 2C by the 2050s.

Meanwhile, winter rain is expected to rise by 9% by the 2050s and summer rain decline by 12%.

“There will also be an increased frequency of extreme weather occurrences such as heatwaves, dry spells, heavy rain and flooding,” Mr Attwood said.

A climate change risk assessment was recently published outlining the threats and opportunities facing Northern Ireland’s various sectors in the years to come.

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