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Northern Ireland beaches are worst for litter: survey

Northern Ireland’s beaches are the most littered in the UK — and the problem is getting worse, a survey has found.

The amount of rubbish dropped at coastal beauty spots rose in 2012 compared to the previous year, the Marine Conservation Society reported.

Some 8,224 items of litter were found per kilometre, representing a 60% rise on the 2011 figures. Crisp, lolly and sandwich wrappers contributed to the rise in litter, the MCS said.

However, environmental charity Tidy NI, which runs the prestigious Blue Flag awards programme, said the standard of Northern Ireland’s beaches remains high.

“The public needs to be reassured that our Seaside and Blue Flag award beaches are managed to high standards including regular cleaning, making them safe places to visit,” Tidy NI chief executive Ian Humphreys said.

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