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Over 50 new windfarms to be built in Donegal

Donegal's rural landscape will be transformed by the construction of more than 50 windfarms over the coming years, new figures reveal.

The current number of 117 windfarms across the Republic will rapidly increase over the coming decade to 361 as the Irish government races to meet EU targets which oblige it to produce 40% of all electricity needs from renewable sources by 2020.

However, the controversial structures will be unevenly spread throughout the country with the bulk on the west and south coasts.

Kerry will have no fewer than 66 windfarms by 2020, followed by Donegal with 52 and Cork with 46.

Cavan, Longford and Westmeath will have just one each, while none are planned for Carlow and Kildare. National grid operator EirGrid is responsible for connecting the windfarms with the electricity transmission system.

It said yesterday that Ireland was on track to meet a 15% renewable energy target for this year.

Some 1,379MW of power from renewables is already connected — enough to power almost 1.4 million homes.

By 2020 a total of 6,567MW will be in place, assuming that all the projects go ahead as planned.

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