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Pope Francis makes call for action on climate change

By Emily Beament

The Pope calls for action to tackle "unprecedented" climate change in a leaked draft of a message to more than 5,000 bishops.

The final version of the papal encyclical, which will be published in five languages tomorrow, will focus on care for the environment and poverty.

In a draft that appeared on an Italian website, the Pope lays out the scientific and moral reasons for protecting the environment.

He warns that, on current trends, the world faces unprecedented climate change and destruction of ecosystems, with serious consequences for all.

He says that humans need to change their lifestyles and calls for action to cut greenhouse gases, develop renewables and clean energy, improve energy efficiency and ensure sustainable management of forests and oceans.

Speaking in Rome on Sunday, Pope Francis said the encyclical was "addressed to everyone", not just the world's 1.2bn Catholics.

He added he hoped it would spark "attention to situations of environmental degradation and to recovery" leading to "greater responsibility for the common home that God has entrusted to us".

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