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RSPB conservationists strip off for 'manifesto' launch

By Linda Stewart

It was a good thing we swapped scorching Easter weather for last year’s blizzards — or these six brave souls from the RSPB would have suffered horribly for their principles.

The six dedicated conservationists marked the launch of the RSPB’s manifesto by stripping down to highlight the plight of some of our most iconic species.

They were recreating the infamous image of Pink Floyd’s Back Catalogue — which featured six nude women poised on the edge of a swimming pool with some of the most famous LP covers in rock history painted on their backs. But instead of Floyd’s iconic album covers, they sported a basking shark, red kite, lapwing, the globe, a bee orchid and a wind turbine.

And instead of a heated swimming pool, they posed on the rather breezier seawall of Belfast Harbour Estate, looking out onto the Belfast Lough Area of Special Scientific Interest.

The brave display aims to encourage the public to vote for the environment in the forthcoming Assembly election and reflects the RSPB’s five ‘big asks’: To protect important wildlife sites (bee orchid); our seas (basking shark); reverse declines in farmland birds (lapwing); act on climate change (wind turbine), and protect environmental education (globe).

“The RSPB is asking election candidates to show some leadership and ensure that Northern Ireland’s environment is protected,” RSPB NI director Dr James Robinson said.

The six conservationists who took part in the photoshoot said it was all in a good cause.

To see if your candidates are in support of the campaign, visit

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