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Sammy Wilson's climate change view: few agree

It’s bad news for former Environment Minister Sammy Wilson -- most people don’t agree with his views on climate change.

Mr Wilson, now the Finance Minister, caused controversy with his view that climate change was not caused by human activity and could not be tackled by efforts to curb carbon emissions.

But new government statistics have revealed most people in Northern Ireland believe climate change is caused by a mixture of human activity and natural processes.

And the Public Perceptions on Climate Change report revealed that what most worries people about climate change is the damage to the natural environment and wildlife, the danger of increased flooding, the threat of a more polluted atmosphere and an increase in severe weather events.

New Environment Minister Edwin Poots said: “I am encouraged that the public recognise that they have an important role to play in combating climate change. It is only by a combination of public action and government initiatives, that progress against climate change can be made.”

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