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Scientist: data on climate is correct

The scientist at the centre of the ‘Climategate’ controversy last night broke his silence to defend himself against claims that he covered up flawed data about rising world temperaturs.

Professor Phil Jones, the former head of the University of East Anglia's climatic research unit, said the 20-year-old study questioned by sceptics “stood up to scrutiny” and was corroborated by more recent work.

The UEA research centre has been under fire from climate sceptics since 13 years of emails were stolen from university's servers and posted online in November in the run-up to the UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

One newspaper claimed that Professor Jones deliberately withheld information from Douglas Keenan, an independent student of climate change, who used a freedom of information request to query data from Chinese weather stations used in the 1990 study on global warming.

Professor Jones said he was certain that the study, which drew on 42 urban and 42 rural sites, was correct because it was validated by the new data.

“I am confident in my mind the site movements that might have taken place at some of the sites were not that important to affect the average of the 42 sites,” he said.

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