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SF: DUP minister has to take action now on climate change

The Environment Minister needs to act urgently to tackle climate change, it is being claimed today.

The economy will suffer from flooding and other natural obstacles if a sceptical Sammy Wilson does not take action, Sinn Fein MEP Bairbre de Brun said.

She is meeting former London mayor Ken Livingstone in Brussels today about his efforts to tackle global warming in the city: "Many of these Third World countries can't survive — and eke out a living from the land — any more with the extreme weather events.

"We have seen some more extreme weather here in terms of flooding and our own climate and our economy will suffer if we don't take action," she said.

This month the new Environment Minister said he did not think there was any firm evidence to show that all climate change was due to CO2 emissions.

But Ms de Brun said the European Parliament's Temporary Committee on Climate Change was considering the matter today.

Mr Livingstone's congestion charge has proved effective in cutting the number of vehicles in London's city centre.

Representatives from Linkoping in Sweden will be outlining their experience using agricultural products to run buses at today's meeting.

Ms de Brun added: "It is apparent to all that the growth of CO2 emissions is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

"The issue is how this can be reduced quickly."

She said the Assembly needed to act on the matter.

"We need to be talking of resolute action now. Dublin has come forward with an action plan to cut emissions and we hope that the Assembly and local councils here will be following suit."

She added that financial savings could follow prompt action.

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