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Sports Initiative - Sandy Row regeneration

The third year architecture students of Queen’s University Belfast have been working on master plans for the regeneration of Sandy Row and the surrounding area; in an attempt to discover how best to address the decline of recent decades.

The Sandy Row Sports Initiative would address the significant requirement for local facilities that are currently not present.

The initiative recognises that people of all ages, from the very young to the well matured, benefit from the social and healthy opportunities that sporting activities provide. Providing facilities for all ages and preferences, from the Taekwondo loving teens to the older devotees of Crown Green Bowling, requires a coordinated and well developed approach to planning. Distributing the facilities throughout the area whilst maintaining a cohesive approach to their perception and usability is a key part of the initiative; ensuring that the facilities are closely tailored to the needs of the local residents whilst still drawing the best sports talents from across Belfast and Northern Ireland. As the initiative matured and gathered momentum the benefits would be multiplied, with the possibility that the area would acquire a well defined and very positive reputation for excellence in sports and sports coaching.

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