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Strategic Regeneration - Sandy Row regeneration

The third year architecture students of Queen’s University Belfast have been working on master plans for the regeneration of Sandy Row and the surrounding area; in an attempt to discover how best to address the decline of recent decades.

Our Masterplan for the Sandy Row area, strongly influenced by feedback from local residents, begins with the opening up of the residential sector.

This area has suffered through the course of the local history, resulting in the area becoming renowned as intimidating to visitors, due both to the obvious tightness of the community and also a feeling of being unwelcome. Dead ends will be strategically altered through the residential areas, creating instead small, impromptu meeting spaces with green areas for games and children activities. City Way would be widened, becoming a key pedestrian route linking the strong industry to the west with the main Sandy Row street, with the two influencing and improving each other.

The general consensus between the residents and our analysis was that the revival of a bustling, vibrant street was crucial to the areas revival. We plan to instigate this improvement through the inclusion of a much needed community space, sited on the current over-expansive Days Hotel car park. A mixed-use venue, also situated here, is intended to be used as a market place, open air theatre, exhibition space and for other community based events.

A bus route will be added passing through Sandy Row, to encourage visits and shopping on this once famous street.

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