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Supporting The Street  - Sandy Row regeneration

The third year architecture students of Queen’s University Belfast have been working on master plans for the regeneration of Sandy Row and the surrounding area; in an attempt to discover how best to address the decline of recent decades.

The strategy is to channel pedestrian movement down Sandy row by a series of focal points located at key intersections along the street.

These focal points will be community and public based buildings: either new proposals or regenerating the existing. Connected at these points or nodes are a series of exterior public spaces. The aim is to generate movement and vibrancy along the street boosting commerce whilst the pockets of public space create enjoyable areas for the community and public to meet, socialise and relax.  Residential flats will be put back into the first floor of the commercial terraces along the street, this provides a more diverse type of living within the area and creates life after 5 o clock. The existing residential streets are compact. Opening up the back allies to create plots of green space and communal gardens will open up and lighten the area without destroying  the familiar layout and pattern. Giving life back to the street and providing amenities that are needed into the area will provide a connection to the positives of what Sandy Row was like in the past whilst moving forward to create a better community and perception of Sandy Row.

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