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Survey finds litter in 96% of our streets

A major litter survey across Northern Ireland has found rubbish present at 96% of parks and streets.

However, only 11% of places surveyed had unacceptable levels of litter – the same as last year.

Cigarette paraphernalia was the most common type of litter, found at 79% of places surveyed, followed by confectionery (60%) and drinks-related litter (48%).

The survey, carried out by TIDY Northern Ireland during the second half of 2012, visited 1,040 public places across Northern Ireland and compared findings against the government standards for street cleaning.

Rural areas and industrial or retail complexes had the highest failure rates, but the highest pass rates were in main retail areas.

Meanwhile, dog fouling was found at 9% of places, a decrease from the 2011 score of 12%.

The survey results have been released ahead of the charity's annual conference on November 13, where TIDY NI will discuss the options available for a nationwide anti-litter campaign. Visit www.tidynorthernireland.org.

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