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The incredible sea slugs discovered living in Strangford Lough

By Linda Stewart

Up to seven species of sea slug new to science could have been found in Strangford Lough.

Fifteen divers who searched the lough last week have found more than 60 species of sea slug, including two that have never been found there before.

Among the finds on the 'Nudibranch Safari' were seven sea slugs that will undergo testing to find if they are new, unnamed species.

Seaslugs are predators and some are capable of taking on the defences of their prey, such as poisonous chemicals and stings, to use in their bodies to fend off attackers.

One slug takes the green parts of seaweed into its skin so it becomes photosynthetic.

The sea slugs will go on display on Saturday as part of Queen's University Marine Lab Open Day, during the Strangford Maritime Festival.

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