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Twelve of Northern Ireland’s worst grot spots

By Linda Stewart

Crosscollyer Street, north Belfast Six months ago this stretch of empty ground — used as a base for builders constructing new homes — was closed and padlocked as the work ended.

But it wasn’t long before the dumping began.

Ladas Way, east Belfast The road, which leads to Gibson Park, is closed to traffic but some of the pedestrians have been using the verge as a convenient litter bin.

Bendigo Street, east Belfast The open fencing behind Bendigo Street reveals that section is being used as a dumping ground, with the culprits clearly going to some efforts to heave the waste over the high fence.

McClure Street, south Belfast The offending material has been dumped on the road side of the fence lining the railway between Central Station and Botanic. Someone has ditched bedsteads and bins full of waste among trees planted to landscape the fence.

Suffolk Road, west Belfast This plot of land has been left in limbo despite plans to build apartments. The gate hasn’t stopped people using it as a dumping ground for rubbish.

Lagmore Road, Lisburn This winding narrow road hidden below the Colinglen Road lends itself to fly-tipping with its isolated location. It appears a number of people have dumped soil and building material, but also general refuse and plastic sheeting into a small wooded glen.

Colinwell Road, Lisburn Lying above the Lagmore area of Poleglass, Colinwell Road is mostly undeveloped land with only a small housing development which has fallen victim to the fly-tippers, strewn with pallets, rolls of wire and other material.

Ardglass shore, Co Down The harbour at Ardglass is peppered with tiny islands and mudflats harbouring wading birds. But the shore overlooking these is covered with marine litter as well as evidence that it’s used as a late night drinking spot.

Minerstown Beach, Co Down The seaweed lining the high water mark is tangled up with an endless progression of litter — we found bleach and washing up liquid bottles, margarine tubs, engine oil containers, a broken bucket and buoy, smashed glass bottles and pieces of sandpaper basking along with the seals in the sunshine.

Rossglass Beach, Co Down Litter has built up considerably in this peaceful cove where the road turns off for St John’s Point. Our beach clean-up uncovered numerous oil drums, cans, plastic, helium balloons — even a sleeping bag and two shattered gravestones.

Tyrella Beach, Co Down The award-winning Tyrella Beach is much cleaner than many of the other lesser-known beaches in the area. But one of the litter bins is full to capacity and bags of drink cans and empty pizza boxes are building up around it.

Connswater River behind Abetta Parade, east Belfast Once a landscaped wooded area with footpaths leading upstream, this section of the Connswater off the Beersbridge Road has become overgrown and neglected, inevitably attracting drinkers.

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