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Very small monkeys born at Belfast Zoo

Two of the world's smallest monkeys have been born at Belfast Zoo

The tiny twin pygmy marmosets arrived on 14 November 2013.  Pygmy marmosets are the smallest member of the primate family and adults only weigh between four and five ounces when fully grown!  The South American primates are found in the tropical forests of the upper Amazon basin and the main threats facing pygmy marmosets are habitat destruction and the pet trade.

Zoo manager, Mark Challis said: “Our gorilla house is home to both the largest and smallest primates in the world, demonstrating the vast difference between the two.

"The twins are carried by their parents but are becoming increasingly adventurous and are beginning to venture off the parents’ backs to explore their surroundings.”

You can support the care of Belfast Zoo’s pygmy marmosets by taking part in the animal adoption scheme.  Find out more about the animal adoption scheme at

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