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Want a sunny disposition? Then work as a gardener

Sally Hughes, a Level 2 Floristry student at Cafre's Greenmount College, tends to her flowers
Sally Hughes, a Level 2 Floristry student at Cafre's Greenmount College, tends to her flowers

By Linda Stewart

If you want to be one of the UK's happiest workers – become a gardener.

That's the message from Cafre's Greenmount Campus, which is urging people to consider a career in horticulture after an Royal Horticultural Society survey revealed that most people would prefer to spend their working day in a garden.

A survey of more than 2,000 people found that more than 70% would prefer to spend their day in a garden, while just 9% chose an office.

Meanwhile, the BBC reported in 2012 that gardeners and florists are the UK's happiest workers, with 87% saying they were happy with their job.

A Greenmount spokesman said: "The vast majority put this down to their ability to manage their own workload and have autonomy over their schedule and daily tasks, while 82% agreed that being able to use and hone their skills every day helped boost their job satisfaction.

"So if you enjoy getting outside, perhaps you should consider swapping the office for a more active career."

This week, Greenmount is hosting an open event where people will be able to meet horticulture and floristry students studying for a career they love.

"They are training to be estate gardeners, landscape contractors, propagators, garden designers, florists, garden retailers and greenkeepers, and many are keen to start their own horticultural business," the spokesman said.

"Whatever their special interest, they are part of a 'growing' number who've realised that what matters to them is the feelgood factor of a career in horticulture.

"If you'd like to 'grow your own happiness' come along to the Open Event at Greenmount Campus on Wednesday from 4-9pm.

"It's the ideal opportunity to meet staff and students, view facilities and find out more about how to achieve those all-important qualifications that can lead to an active career that's good for both body and soul."

Greenmount's invite comes just a few weeks after the Belfast Telegraph launched Blooming Marvellous, a drive to inspire readers to pick up a trowel and transform their surroundings with a little green-fingered magic.

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