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Woodland Trust trees to put hens in the shade

Thousands of egg-laying hens will be able to enjoy the protection of shady trees, thanks to a groundbreaking new initiative by Skea Eggs and the Woodland Trust.

Native trees to shelter hens are to be planted at 13 farms across Northern Ireland.

It's part of a new team effort by egg producer Skea Eggs and the Woodland Trust.

The native trees, covering a total of 15 hectares (37 acres), will provide thousands of hens with shelter, shade and stimulating foraging environments.

The planting is designed to suit each site, with those trees and shrubs planted closest to the hen-houses playing an important role in encouraging the birds outside.

Would-be tree planters wishing to prepare for planting this autumn should contact the team now on 0845 293 5689 or

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