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Events have scandalised rank-and-file DUP: Allister

TUV leader Jim Allister has called on disaffected DUP members to speak publicly of their concerns over a policing and justice deal with republicans.

And as negotiations between the DUP and Sinn Fein for the devolution of policing and justice continue, he said some in the DUP are “currently feeling the same disappointment and discouragement” which preceded him leaving the party three years ago.

Mr Allister said rank-and-file DUP members were “scandalised” at the events of the last 10 days.

The TUV leader said: “Most ordinary DUP members will have been scandalised by the revelations of the last 10 days.”

He said a deal struck on the devolution of policing and justice would further sour the already bad feeling.

Talks are ongoing between the DUP and Sinn Fein, led by Mr |Robinson, even though he has taken a six-week break from his role as First Minister.

It is understood a number of senior figures in the party are unhappy with the prospect of a deal being struck with republicans to devolve justice powers.

“If they then get a dose of Sinn Fein holding the gun to their heads over the devolution of policing and justice, I would think that would add to that,” Mr Allister told the Belfast Telegraph. “They made a choice for themselves, I cannot speak for them, they must speak for themselves.

“There were those who were unhappy in the past, but they stuck with it, they are faced with that same choice again and must make it.”

Mr Allister quit the DUP in 2007 over the power-sharing St Andrews Agreement.

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