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Family distraught after petrol bomb attack on house

By Clare Weir

A Londonderry mother has spoken of her horror after she and her family narrowly escaped injury in a petrol bomb attack.

Selina Watters, her husband Tom, and their 16-year-old daughter were at home when thugs threw a device through their living room window at Seymour Gardens in the Nelson Drive area - where they have been living for just two weeks.

A tearful Mrs Watters said last night that she wanted to leave the area following the incident.

The family had only moved into the Nelson Drive area following a previous attack on their home in another part of the Waterside.

"We were paint bombed after living in the last place for three years and we got out. Then this. We're at our wit's end, we have only been here for two weeks," she said.

"We both get up early and Tom was downstairs in the kitchen at around 1am when all of a sudden there was a bang and he started shouting that I'd better come quick.

"A petrol bomb had come through the living room window and it was still on fire, then my daughter came down too."

She said that the attack, which left scorch damage on the walls and floor and burned a number of pieces of furniture, could cost thousands to repair.

"The man from CID said we could be looking at £3,000, between the wooden floor and everything else," she said.

"Now we just want to get out. The people here have been very good since it happened, but I have my daughter to think of.

"She is 16. Thank God we get up early for work or we'd have probably slept through it.

"I just want this to stop, we could have been killed.

"I just want to show people what those who did this are capable of."

The family is now moving into temporary accommodation while a new home is sought.

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