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Family flees home after brick blitz

A family have fled their home after it was attacked — two days after they put up a £20,000 reward for information about their brother’s death.

Tragic teen Christopher Campbell was found hanging at their Craigmore Way house in south Belfast in December 2007.

Police ruled out foul play, but his family have insisted he was murdered by loyalist paramilitaries who they say burst into the home and forced 18-year-old Christopher at gunpoint to hang himself.

Forty-eight hours after the schoolboy’s family put out a £20,000 bounty for information, thugs hurled bricks through the home.

The grief-stricken Campbells had vowed to remortgage the house to raise the reward money.

Christopher’s anguished sister Pamela, 27, said they have been targeted since Christopher died and have had their cars and house targeted.

Police also warned them twice that their lives were under threat.

Pamela said: “I can’t believe they have attacked us again for offering the reward money.

“It’s very suspicious we are being targeted now that there’s money involved for information.

“We’ll only be paying out for information leading to a conviction but it’s obviously scared certain people.”

She insisted a small mob of loyalist paramilitary bully-boys is behind the intimidation.

Ulster Hospital lab assistant Pamela said: “People have been approaching me telling me they saw a man leading him around the living room just before he died.

“Everything supports our theory he was forced to kill himself,” added a defiant Pamela.

“This intimidation has been going on since Christopher died.

“I used to come home from work and locals linked to these paramilitaries would taunt me, saying ‘Ha, ha, your brother’s dead’.”

Pamela said she will never go back to the south Belfast family home where Christopher died, and is living with her shell-shocked mum, Grace, in north Belfast.

Police say they are investigating the latest attack on the house.

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