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Family hails 'miracle' as Spanish balcony fall gran wakes from coma

By Angela Rainey

A woman given a 10% chance of surviving after a three-storey, 45-foot fall from a balcony in Spain has woken from an induced coma.

Geraldine Martin's family said they were delighted with the "miracle" recovery of the 55-year-old grandmother-of-six, who was left fighting for her life after shattering her pelvis and breaking her ankles, arm and a number of ribs in Alicante six weeks ago. She suffered internal bleeding and developed pneumonia.

It is still unknown how the Belfast woman fell during her first night on holiday. Afterwards, she was hooked up to a ventilator and placed in an induced coma in a bid to improve her chances of survival.

Her daughters Leanne (30) and Nicola (34), and 36-year-old son Gerard, kept a vigil by her bedside while she recovered.

Once she is well enough her family plans to take her home via ferry, but because they will need to take a medical team, the journey will cost £14,000. In a bid to ease the financial burden, they have set up a Justgiving page, which has raised £7,000 so far. Ms Martin's sister-in-law Martine McCullough said: "We are all delighted that she's out of the coma and the doctors are saying she could be moved out of intensive care in a couple of weeks.

"Geraldine is off the ventilator but still has a tracheotomy in to help her breathe, so it is difficult for her to talk. She's doing really well but is in pain now she's come round, so she's still heavily medicated with painkillers.

"Leanne is with her and trying to lipread with her. She's saying that she's in pain, then drifting in and out of sleep.

"The treatment she's received in Spain has been really excellent - it's honestly top-class care. We can't thank the staff enough for looking after her.

"She still has a long, hard road ahead of her. She's a little bit down with all the pain she's in, but it's understandable after all she's been through. We are just absolutely over the Moon that she is recovering.

"She is recovering quicker than we thought, so this has given us the extra push to raise the rest of the money so it is there for when the doctor says she is fit to travel.

"We want to thank everyone who has donated. We are so grateful for the support from family, friends and the public in helping us get to the halfway point. We just want to give it that last push to get the total.

"We are flabbergasted at how Geraldine is coming round. No one can say for sure, but we think she might be fit to travel in a few months' time, although it is up to the doctors. We'll all be delighted to see her."

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