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Firm gives lie detector test to staff

By Deborah McAleese

A security company is having lie detector tests carried out on its own employees in Northern Ireland in a bid to combat robberies, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal.

Israeli-based company Midot Integrity Assessment Systems, which specialises in polygraph examinations, was called in by Brinks following a number of robberies on security staff making deliveries, in an attempt to deter anyone who may be collaborating with crime gangs.

Brinks specialises in cash in transit deliveries and has found its employees targeted by armed gangs on several occasions.

The tests were being carried out on Brinks employees this week in a Belfast hotel by examiners from the Israeli Institute for Polygraph and Forensic Sciences.

Participation in the tests is voluntary. However, some staff members have contacted this paper to express concerns.

They said that while they support the company in its efforts to solve and prevent robberies, they feel that being asked to consent to lie detector testing is a breach of their human rights.

“We have been asked to consent to lie detectors tests following a number of robberies that appear to have inside collaboration/information.

“I believe this is being done in contravention of our human rights. However, we also support the company in trying to solve recent robberies,” a staff member told the Telegraph.

“We find it incredible — we employees have no other recourse than to comply,” the employee added.

When contacted by the Belfast Telegraph, Brinks would not make any official comment.

But a senior company source confirmed that the tests are being carried out at a number of branches across the UK and Europe, including Northern Ireland.

He said: “Polygraph testing is one of a number of measures employed by Brinks in a bid to show their clients — which include banks, retailers and jewellers — that Brinks personnel are reliable.”

Brinks security staff have been the target of a number of recent robberies and attempted robberies in the province.

Last month security staff were threatened and tied up as a substantial amount of money was stolen during an armed robbery of a Brinks van outside a Costcutter store in Co Londonderry. It is thought that more than £600,000 was taken from the Brinks' security delivery vehicle whose crew were on site replenishing a Bank of Ireland ATM.

Brinks in Israel was the first branch to use the Polygraph testing.

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