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First Minister Peter Robinson backs wife's view that gays are an 'abomination'

First Minister Peter Robinson
First Minister Peter Robinson

By David Gordon

First Minister Peter Robinson last night endorsed his wife’s controversial views on homosexuality — and then called on gays to support his party.

Mr Robinson’s backing for his MP wife Iris over her description of homosexuality as an “abomination” was voiced in a TV interview.

He also stated that he had “no idea” if there were any gays in the DUP.

The First Minister told the BBC Northern Ireland Hearts and Minds programme: “It wasn’t Iris Robinson who determined that homosexuality was an abomination, it was the Almighty.

“This is the Scriptures and it is a strange world indeed where somebody on the one hand talks about equality, but won’t allow Christians to have the equality, the right to speak, the right to express their views.”

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