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Five Irish tourists escape death

Five Irish holidaymakers escaped death when the car in which they were travelling tumbled down a 15-metre cliff in Turkey.

Shannon Smith, from Ballymun in Dublin, was visiting the tourist resort of Kusadasi with her children Laura (10) and Patrick (6).

They had been travelling with her friend Bernadette Fogarty and her son Ryan (10) when the accident happened in the early hours of Saturday morning.

They were heading back to their hotel with a driver in a car ordered for them by the restaurant they had dined in earlier.

The car plunged from the road and down a cliffside, and the tourists say it was a miracle nobody was killed.

“We were only about 30 seconds from the Palmin Hotel and we were coming towards a steep hill. The next thing I knew the car was rolling and tumbling down the cliff,” Ms Smith said.

“I was screaming for my kids. Laura answered me but we couldn’t find Patrick. He had been thrown from the car. When we eventually found him, he was lying underneath the car and all I could see were his feet.”

Ms Fogarty, who was due to fly home to Finglas yesterday, underwent surgery for a punctured lung. She also suffered two broken ribs.

Laura has two black eyes and cuts on her back and Ryan has a cut on his leg.

“Patrick has an imprint of the car on the top of his head down to his cheek. His eyes are all black and blue, he has a four-inch hole in his hand and his head is swollen like a football,” said Ms Smith.

“My left leg is swollen and I’ve bruises all over my body but I’m mobile. The police can’t believe we got out of it alive.”

All five are still in hospital. The driver also escaped serious injury.

“We’ve got a second chance at life. I have spoken to people in the past few days that I haven’t spoken to in a long time,” Ms Smith said.

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