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Foster: Those tying Government's hands are trying to cancel Brexit

Arlene Foster
Arlene Foster

The DUP leader Arlene Foster has accused the opposition and rebel MPs of trying to 'cancel Brexit'.

She accused them of 'tying the Government's hands' as a vote to take control of the Commons agenda and block a no-deal Brexit was passed on Tuesday evening.

"It's time to respect the referendum result. Focus on getting a sensible deal rather than playing games," said Mrs Foster in a Tweet.

DUP MPs all voted with the Government on the issue.

"Those tying the Govt's hands are really trying to cancel Brexit. We will fight any election on defending the Union & our record of delivery," she said.

Elsewhere, the deputy president of Sinn Fein Michelle O'Neill said her party is ready to go to the polls.

"Sinn Fein stands ready to fight an election in opposition to the Tory/DUP Brexit & defend our pro-remain mandate across the North," she said on Twitter.

The leader of the TUV Jim Allister Tweeted saying a day of reckoning is coming.

"Tonight Parliament took on the people, because the Trojan of extension is really about stopping Brexit. No surprise, then, Labour & co don’t want the people’s vote of a General Election. But sooner or later the people will have their revenge at the polls. Hopefully, sooner."

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