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Fox attack twins 'recovering well'

The mother of baby twins savaged by a fox in their cots has said she has been "astounded by their resilience".

Ulster-born Pauline Koupparis said nine-month-old Isabella and Lola are recovering “really well” now that they have returned home from hospital.

She said yesterday that the family are having counselling to help them come to terms with the traumatic attack at their home.

Mrs Koupparis thanked the public for being “wonderfully supportive” and said family life is slowly returning to normal. In a letter to Vanessa Feltz, who presents a show on BBC Radio London, she said: “Life has more normality now, which is just the tonic.

“The girls are doing really well, both are back to normal in terms of their behaviour, a little more clingy perhaps but children's resilience astounds me.

“Lola's face is healing incredibly, Isabella's arm is not so great but am sure in time will get better.”

The sleeping twin babies suffered appalling injuries when a fox attacked them at their home in Hackney, east London, on June 5.

Their parents dialled 999 after finding Isabella with cuts to her arm and Lola's face covered in blood. Both girls were taken to the Royal London Hospital where they were given antibiotics and underwent surgery.

The case sparked a national outcry as some questioned the couple's story amid fears of a backlash against urban foxes.

In the letter, Mrs Koupparis, who hails from Newcastle, Co Down, said her five-year-old son Max has made potions to ward off foxes from their home.

She said he has also been keeping a toy knight's sword at the top of the stairs “just in case he needs to fight a fox”.


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