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Fraudster stole £500k to fund football club

An admin manager who stole more than £500,000 from his firm to fund his gambling addiction and help an ailing football club has been jailed for three years.

Dean Fisher (36), who was chairman of Croydon Athletic Football Club, embarked on an elaborate scheme to steal money from his employer TCS Media in a bid to keep his treasured club in business.

The father-of-four also blew more than £128,000 on gambling and spent about £140,000 on himself, Southwark Crown Court in central London heard.

Fisher, who once weighed more than 26 stone, also used £8,000 for a gastric bypass operation, getting time off work by telling colleagues he had cancer.

He lived a life of luxury during his 15-month fraud, buying himself a Range Rover and a Rolex watch.

Judge John Price told him yesterday: “You tried to look big and you were prepared to steal from the company to do it. You were trying to support a club which you had no right to steal to support.”

Fisher spent about £260,000 on paying the non-league club's bills and players, the court heard.

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