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Fresh crackdown on underage drinking

Tougher laws regarding underage drinking in public places have been introduced.

The legislation that has come into effect includes confiscation of alcohol, harsher penalties for persistent offenders and police escorting teenagers under the age of 16 who are suspected of consuming alcohol to their homes.

Until now, Criminal Justice Minister Paul Goggins said, only open containers could be confiscated, or in cases where there was a perceived intent to consume.

Under the new law this will include unopened containers, meaning even a bag of unopened bottles and cans could be taken.

Also, anyone under the age of 18 guilty of persistent drinking in public places may be prosecuted, or if caught three times or more in a 12-month period could face a £500 fine.

Mr Goggins said: “Police will also have the power to bring young people under the age of 16 back home if they suspect they have been drinking.”

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