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GAA club is hit by swine flu

A Strabane GAA club has had to cancel training after members of its senior team contracted swine flu on a stag trip to Liverpool, it has emerged.

Three members of Sigersons GAC in Strabane are confirmed as having the illness while a fourth is showing symptoms.

The club has had to cancel a league match this Sunday as they wait to see if the illness has been nipped in the bud.

But the four GAA players were not alone. There were 14 people in the stag party in Liverpool and it is unknown how many others have shown symptoms.

Aodhan Harken, the club's press officer, said: “Three members of the club have been confirmed as having swine flu. The four of them went to a stag party in Liverpool and picked it up there. Three of them are confirmed as having it and the fourth is showing symptoms.

“It is a worrying time for everybody at the club and the town. I think this is the first time that swine flu has been spotted here,” he added.

“It has caused ripples in the club, we've had to cancel training and we have had to cancel a league game this Sunday.

Mr Harken added: “I was talking to one of the fellows earlier in the week. He was taken straight to hospital with a high temperature after he got back from Liverpool. He's at home now in isolation.”

“One of the other fellows has underlying health problems — asthma — and he has been given Tamiflu tablets. It looks like swine flu is in Strabane now.”

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