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Gang attack woman in city

By Clare Weir

A Londonderry mother today told of how she was stabbed in the legs with a screwdriver during a suspected sectarian assault in the city.

Karen Wray (27), from Irish Street, was walking to a shop at 1am yesterday when a group of two women and four men knocked her to the ground, kicked her and stabbed her in both legs.

She also suffered a puncture wound to her hand.

Ms Wray said she thinks the attack was sectarian and is now afraid to venture out of her home in the estate alone.

"I went to the shop for cigarettes but it was closed and on the way back I saw a crowd coming towards me," she said.

"I was jumped. One of them was wearing a Celtic top but I'd never seen any of them before.

"I was totally shocked, I've never been in a fight in my life. They knocked me over and trailed me by the hair. Then they stabbed me, the police think it was a screwdriver.

"There's a big hole in my leg.

"They were kicking me in the head. I can't remember much. I woke up in a pool of blood and crawled to the house and called myself a taxi.

" I feel sick thinking about it, they could have killed me. I had to tell my eight-year-old daughter that I fell over. I am never going out on my own again in the dark, I'd be scared to."

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