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270,000 watch Northern Ireland election debate across Britain

Candidates in the UTV studio
Candidates in the UTV studio

By Rebecca Black

An election debate run by UTV was watched by 380,000 people across the UK.

Representatives from the DUP, Sinn Fein, UUP, SDLP and Alliance took part in the debate chaired by Marc Mallett.

It was later shown nationally via ITV.

The smaller parties, including the TUV, Ukip, Greens, Conservatives, Workers Party and the Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol Party, took part in a second debate shown only on UTV.

People Before Profit West Belfast candidate Gerry Carroll has made a complaint to UTV over being excluded from the debate.

In terms of Northern Ireland viewers, up to 110,000 (18%) watched the bigger parties debate on UTV on Tuesday night.

Fewer watched the smaller parties, with a peak of 87,000 (20%).

BBC Northern Ireland will show a Leaders' Debate on BBC1 next Tuesday at 8pm. The line-up for this has not yet been confirmed.

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