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A-Jockalypse Now: Conservatives mocked online over Boris Johnson's SNP claim

The internet is having a field day mocking Boris Johnson for describing a Labour government propped up by the SNP as "Ajockalypse Now".

Mr Johnson told the Sunday Times: "People are looking at Ed Miliband and they're getting bad visuals of him popping out of Alex Salmond's sporran like a baffled baby kangaroo.

"Everybody loves the Scots. Nobody thinks this is going to be some tartan tyranny with everybody forced to wear kilts. But it would be a chaotic and tense arrangement."

The comments received greater attention on Tuesday when a heckler at a David Cameron speech accused the Conservatives of whipping up “racism”.

As he was removed by security, the man shouted: “Come on SNP. Is there going to be an ajockalypse? I'm from Scotland - the racism I'm getting because of these people and Boris. It's not fair. Come on SNP.”

Twitter users took a more humorous approach to the “jockalypse” claim, ridiculing it mainly with a series of photoshopped images.

Mr Cameron was able to continue his speech in south-west London, however, insisting that despite the heckling there was “momentum” behind the Tory campaign.

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