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BBC's Nolan denies 'demonising' DUP in post General Election coverage

Stephen Nolan
Stephen Nolan
Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

BBC broadcaster Stephen Nolan has defended his coverage of the DUP rejecting criticism he has "demonised" the party.

On Monday morning, the Stephen Nolan BBC Radio Ulster show played a montage of quotes from some DUP members. This included statements made on gay marriage rights, homosexuality, abortion, climate change, women breastfeeding in public, the Ashers Bakery court case and views on Islam.

"That's just some of the views of DUP members," said Mr Nolan at the end of the five minute long piece, "just to be clear the DUP have a huge mandate in Northern Ireland, quite a few people support those views."

One caller said the media and Mr Nolan had been out to "demonise" the DUP since the party was thrust into the spotlight in the wake of the General Election result.

He described the music which accompanied the piece as "very sinister that was usually affiliated with terrorists".

However, the comments and criticism were outright rejected by Stephen Nolan.

He hit back: "I think the reason this programme, my Five Live show at the weekend and indeed the British media - you try finding a newspaper who hasn't looked at the moral issues of the DUP - the reason all the journalists are doing that is because [DUP policies] are in conflict, they are in contrast to the moral judgements of the Tory party.

"One of the achievements David Cameron hailed when he was Prime Minister was introducing gay marriage."

He added: "This could be great for Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster could fill her boots. There could be hospitals, roads, maybe even corporation tax.

"Is it not better the money comes to us rather than the likes of Berkshire, for example."

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