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The word on the street... Falls voters agree we are now more polarised than we’ve ever been

Danielle Hemsworth
Danielle Hemsworth
Eileen Smith
Michael O'Hare
Donall MacMurchaidh

By Christine Carrigan

People in the heart of nationalist west Belfast yesterday appeared uncertain about the future after the DUP and Sinn Fein wiped out the centre ground.

Falls Road resident Danielle Hemsworth said that with the two main parties now so dominant “there is no room for other parties to have a chance”.

She added that “there is no real hope in the Assembly being back to normal any time soon”.

Michael O’Hare, who has lived on the Falls Road for 64 years, commented: “Me personally, I would just let the government go, but I was brought up to vote Sinn Fein because I am a nationalist.”

Donall MacMurchaidh said: “The north of Ireland is polarised between Left and Right, the DUP is on the Right and Sinn Fein is on the Left of politics. Not necessarily a sectarian divide, but a divide of ideals.

“I hope that there will be an Assembly soon, but people have to receive their rights first.”

Another Falls Road resident, Eileen Smith, said that “absolutely there are only two main parties”.

As for the Assembly restarting, she added: “Probably in the autumn time — I couldn’t see it being any time soon.”

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