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David Cameron denies Samantha was behind his decision not to serve third term

By Andrew Woodcock

David Cameron has denied that his wife Samantha was the driving force behind his decision to announce he will not serve a third term as Prime Minister, insisting she wants him to "finish the job" of turning the country round.

Mr Cameron shocked Westminster by saying in a TV interview that he would serve a full second term, but not a third, if elected on May 7.

The announcement prompted speculation that Samantha wanted him to draw the line at 10 years for the sake of his family.

But asked if his wife had pressed him to "put family before country", Mr Cameron told ITV1's Good Morning Britain: "No, not at all. She is totally behind me and thinks that it is very important we win this election, because the plan is working.

"She sees - and we talk about this a lot - that businesses are growing and expanding, they are taking people on, we are turning the country round.

"She wants me to finish the job, and agrees with me that this is a job half-done."

Mr Cameron denied that his decision to swear off a third term showed a lack of desire to continue in politics.

"I couldn't be more enthusiastic and passionate about what I think we can do for the country in the next five years," he said.

Mr Cameron told Good Morning Britain: "I think people want stability. The stability that I offer is a team and a plan that is working.

"I have said I will serve a full second term and a full second term means just that.

"I have always said a full second term. The only question I answered was about beyond that and I gave a very straight answer to a straight question, which I think people appreciate.

Mr Cameron insisted he was not taking the election result for granted.

"The British public may take a different view, but I am putting myself forward and people know that's for a full second term."

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