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Ed Miliband meets Russell Brand: I hope this doesn't sound totally adolescent

By Helen Nianias

Russell Brand's highly anticipated interview with Ed Miliband has broken - with the two debating the importance of democracy in the comedian's kitchen.

Posted on Brand's YouTube site The Trews, the campaigner took the Labour leader to task on the big issues of the day - such as banking and human rights.

Miliband also joked about his persona versus that of Nigel Farage and said: "I'm not sure if I'd look so good with a pint on my head."

Brand spoke of a sense among the public of the people in power being unelected elites, and Miliband argued that politics was the only way to make sure change was implemented in a fair way.

Miliband said that Brand was "totally wrong" when he spoke of rights not having progressed since the time of the Suffragettes. He insisted that politics was founded on people

Miliband said: "It shouldn't be one rule for the richest and most powerful, and another rule for everybody else. It should be one rule for everybody, and that's the sort of society I believe in."

Reading from a sheet of paper, Brand grilled Miliband on figures. Miliband defended the bailing out of the banks, and insisted that he

The two shared several jokes, with Brand saying to an exhausted-looking "You must be bloody worn out", and Miliband saying that he's be "very angry" if he found out that Brand's production crew were on zero-hours contracts.

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